The Bingham Fam

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Est. Aug. 15 2002

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Mike and Dillon went to a NASCAR truck race over the weekend. The PIR (Phoenix International Raceway) is just a few minutes from our house. There was a big race going on this weekend so we thought it would be fun for Dillon since he loves cars so much!

They had a ton of fun! It was pretty loud though so if there ever was a next time they would need earplugs or something. Dillon loved seeing the race trucks and hanging out with his daddy. The winner was truck #4 Hooray!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


We had fun carving some pumpkins. Dillon was pretty excited to put a candle inside and see them glow.

Taya as a Fairy Princess

Dillon as a Fireman

We had lots of fun! The carnival was pretty awesome. Dillon played a few games and got some little prizes. We went on a hay ride out in the field. There was also a trunk-or-treat so we got tons of candy!