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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fun Weekend with Family!

Mike's brother Kirk and his wife Shaughnessy and their
baby Ryon came to stay with us for a few days! We had
such a great time. The weather was very cooperative and
we spent tons of time outside just soaking up the sun!

We had a little BBQ on our back patio.

Jaymie brought over some of her super delicious
super cute cupcakes for us. Dillon couldn't wait to
devour them! (Actually he couldn't wait to devour
the frosting!) : )

Ryon had lots of fun in the swing. He loved
being outside. He is such a cutie!!!

We really just hung out letting the kids play and chatting.
Jaymie with her baby Henslee and Shaughnessy with Ryon!
(they are the cutest babies!)

Dillon had so much fun playing with uncle Kirk.

On friday we went to the Phoenix Zoo. Dillon
and Taya loved seeing the animals and
running around.

Right before we left the kids got to ride on the Carousel.
Dillon chose to ride the Crocodile and Taya got the Panda Bear.

We had lots of fun!

Friday night we went to a spring training baseball game.
The Cincinnati Reds vs. the Seattle Mariners. We sat
out in the Berm. The kids had fun, it got a little windy
for awhile so it was a little chilly. But we had fun!

Dillon took his mitt and a ball. He was pretty disappointed
he didn't catch a real baseball but maybe next time.

Saturday we went over to Jesse and Jaymie's house. The
kids got to go for a spin on uncle Jesse's scooter!

Taya didn't technically get to go for a ride, she just got
to pose for the pic. She sure loves her daddy!
It was so great be able to spend time with Kirk and Shaughnessy
and Jaymie and Jesse! We had a wonderful time and hope to
see them again soon. Thanks for all the fun!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Dillon!

Holy Cow Dillon turned 4!!!!

We were lucky enough to be up in Utah for Dillon's birthday. He got to have 2 parties and spend time with Grandpa Ron and Grandma Janet and Grandpa Jim and Grandma Susan. He also got to do a lot of fun playing with all of his cousins!

Dillon wanted a Construction Site on his cake. He helped put everything on including the work signs and sprinkling all the dirt.

Make a wish!!!

Dillon got lots of wonderful gifts! Thanks so much to everyone!
We had a great trip, it was so nice to see all our families and spend some time.
We love you all!

On the drive home we had to get a pic of the kids in their super cool shades!

Taya borrowed some of mine! Haha so cute!