The Bingham Fam

Mike, Amy, Dillon, Taya, and Beckham
Est. Aug. 15 2002

Monday, June 4, 2012

Game 8

Final game of the season!

 Here he is ready to play!
 Action shot dribbling down the field.
 Running back after scoring a goal!!!!
 Get that ball!
 Action shot
 Running back after scoring another goal!!!!
Spectators!  So much fun to have Grandma Susan and Grandpa Jim there to watch!
 Can't resist taking a pic of this cute guy!
 Dillon dribbled all the way down the field and made the perfect pass to his teammate who then scored a goal!
Dillon scored another goal earning himself a hat trick!  Hooray Dillon!  He is very proud he scored 5 goals this season and 1 awesome assist!  We have loved watching Dillon play.  He is turning into quite a good soccer player.  He loves it and says he wants to play soccer his whole life!

Cracker Jax

 We were so happy to have our parents come down for Mike's graduation!  We decided to have a fun day and go to one of our favorite places...Cracker Jax!
 Taya striking a pose!
 Yay for skee ball!!!
 Dillon got some tickets on his skee ball game.
 Dillon's favorite was a battleship game!  2 different times he got 100 tickets!  Soooo excited!
 Beckham chillin in the stroller...(sorry the pic is crooked)
 After games and prizes we headed outside for some go-kart action!
 Taya was actually big enough this time so we let her try it!  She didn't get very far but it was fun for her to try.
 Dillon got to use up Taya's turn since she didn't do much.
 "It was fun, I'm glad I tried"
 Time for some bumper boats!
 AAAH!  Don't get splashed!
 Pretty soaked!
We had so much fun!  Thanks to our parents for coming to be with us!  We love you!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Game 7

 Game 7 was a good one!
 Lots of running!  Go Dillon!
 Taking a little rest!
 Take that ball!
 Scored a goal!
 Dillon was so lucky to have his Grandma Janet come and watch the game!
 Action shot
Throw in!
Great job Dillon!  Nice goal!