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Saturday, March 19, 2011

We love AZ weather!!!

It's this time of the year we really are so happy we
moved to AZ! The weather is awesome! This past week was
full of family, fun, and lots of sunshine!

My mom and sister Kristi came to visit for a few days!
We went swimming and basked in the sun!

Taya thought it was fun to wear her floatie as
a hat.

Dillon, Kristi, and Taya

Love this...action shot jumping in. Kristi, you
look fabulous!

Taya loved holding on to my feet and swimming by herself.

Here's the fam. (Yes, I know, it's time for Dillon's annual
summertime haircut!) :)

Grandma Susan and Kristi brought Dillon his Birthday
presents! He was so excited to open them.


Hooray Transformers! Thanks so much for the great
We had fun with food this St. Paddy's day!

For breakfast we had green pancakes and green eggs,
sausage and bacon. MMMM!

Dillon was a bit nervous about the green but he realized
they were delicious!

During the day we went to the Phoenix Zoo. (I have a year
membership so we will be going quite frequently)

Groundhogs! (Nice glasses Dillon!)

Grandma Susan and Taya trying to see the owl.


just playin!

Dillon's favorite...Rhinos!

fun fun fun!

The kids played at the splash pad...they got soaked but
had a blast!

The traditional carousel ride at the end of the day.
Someone was already on the alligator (Dillon always
wants the alligator) so Dillon chose the dinosaur.
He says "I didn't know there were dinosaurs at this

Taya chose the elephant.

For St. Patrick's day dinner we had hot dogs with green
scrum (scrum is this delicious concoction of mayo, cheese,
mushrooms and bacon), broccoli, and guacamole with chips.
So yummy and very green!

Here's all the leprechauns enjoying the green feast!

For dessert we had shamrock sugar cookies with green
On the last day that Grandma Susan and Kristi were here
we went to the temple in Mesa.

Me and my lovely sister.

We had fun walking the grounds and taking pictures.

Happy face

Sad face

Silly face

Such funny kids!
We had so much fun having them here! We love you guys!
Thanks for all the great times!

Spring Training Baseball Game!

Last weekend we went to a Spring Training Baseball game.
We watched the Colorado Rockies play the Arizona Diamondbacks.
We sat out in the Berm (on the grass) and had a great time.

Dillon wanted so bad to catch a ball...better luck
next time.

Taya wanted to too.

Jesse, Jaymie, and Henslee came too. Dillon and Taya just
love playing with Henslee!

I love this pic!

We had a great time!

Soccer Trophy!

Hooray!!! We had a Soccer Team Party at Peter Piper
Pizza. We had an award ceremony and all the players
were presented with their trophies.

The players all got a trophy and an MVP certificate
from Peter Piper Pizza awarding them 10 tokens!

Here's Dillon with his trophy and Coach (aka Daddy).

The kids all played for awhile and Taya went on the
Merry Go Round about a hundred times!

Dillon hitched a ride!

It was a lot of fun for the kids to all get trophies.
Congrats Dillon!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dillon Turns 5!!!!!

Hooray for Dillon's Birthday!!!

We had a great day busy and full of super fun things to do!
Dillon started his day by going to a place called RideMakerz
with daddy and uncle Jesse. It's kinda like build a bear workshop
only you design and customize your own remote control car.
He picked everything out and even got to help a bit.

Here he is doing something with a screwdriver.

He picked out the tires with the blue on the bottoms.

Now he puts on the stickers...he chose police ones.

Finished product. It's a yellow Corvette with police

Next we headed to a place called Cracker Jax. There is a
ton of fun things to do there.

Go Karts!

Go Dillon Go!

Taya is waving at him as he goes around!

Bumper Boats!

Watch out for the waterfall!
After some fun we went inside to a table and he opened his

Here's his awesome remote control.

A wonderful group of spectators!

Super awesome Fire Truck!


Transformers books!
These next few are him opening the best gift ever!

Tearing off the corner...

What's it gonna be?...

Hooray! It's a big lego semi truck! He was sooo excited
and happy he kept hugging the box!

Taya was so good and patient to just sit and watch.
She really wanted to help open. Aunt Jaymie gave
her some M&Ms so it was all good!

What a cheeser!

After presents we went mini golfing!

Hole in one?!

Taya had fun carrying the club around and her
pink ball.

Here are the golfing beauties! (good job Dillon,
taking the pic)

More Go Karts!

He loved driving the kart!


Let's try the green kart.

Here he is the big 5!

Finally we went and played in the arcade.
Dillon loved playing air hockey!
After Cracker Jax we went to Pizza Hut for birthday
dinner. Dillon chose it because he loves the cheesy
breadsticks! It was delicious!

Then back home to have cake. This is Dillon's cake...
Transformers!!! It's hard to see but the cars are all
Transformers. If they are standing up you can see the
robot guy on the bottom.

He was very proud of his cake!

Blowing out the candles!

Here's our sweet boy! I can't believe he is 5. He's getting so
big. We love having Dillon in our family! He is smart, independent,
driven, funny, and very handsome! He is such a good helper!
We love you Dillon and hope you had a great day!
I shot some footage of him driving the Go Kart...