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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Christmas Morning!!!

(I am really trying to get caught up on my posting so bear with me...Here is our Christmas morning!!!!!  (my camera has gone kaput so these pics are taken with my phone so they are kinda blurry...sorry)
 Beckham's loot
 Taya's loot
 Dillon's loot
 Dollhouse furniture
 I love his face
 The funny thing is he doesn't even really know what he has, it is just super cool!
It was a Monster Truck game that goes with......
 A Wii  Hooray!  Santa Claus brought the Bingham family a Wii.  We each got our own game.  Dillon's is a monster truck game.  Taya's is Barbie fashion.  Mike got a WW2 flying aces game.  And mine is called cooking mama!  woo hoo!!
 Beckham just thought it was cool to sit on the box.  I love the look on his face!
 Cute hat stuffed in her stocking
 Mike got a remote control helicopter!
I got a sweater dress and a new shirt but didn't get a pic!
 Princess puzzle.  It is three separate puzzles that fit together!
 Squinkies and a scary face
 Truck hauler
 Beckham got a ball and bat that he loves!
Swing batter batter!
We had a great Christmas!  Thank you Santa!!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Christmas Eve

 Christmas Eve we headed south to Syracuse to have pizza with Grandma Susan and Grandpa Jim.  Such a great tradition!  Kristi and Brad were there as well as Kevin and Brittany and their little fam.
Super yummy and great to see family!

After we survived the treacherous drive home through the canyon we opened a couple presents.  The kids each open 2 presents on Christmas Eve.  One is PJ's and the other is one they exchange with each other.
 Super cool boat for Dillon.
 Squinkies for Taya
 Little People dump truck for Beckham

 Dillon, Michael, and I all got Denver Broncos PJ's!  Taya and Beckham got matching Reindeer ones!
 Okay just a little tidbit about our tree...   Moving from Phoenix to Logan was a bit of a downsize in housing.  Therefore we had absolutely no room for a Christmas Tree.  So we made a paper tree and stuck it to the wall!  Takes up zero space and we all had fun coloring and making ornaments to decorate it!!!
 Notice the Snowman family guarding the tree:  Dillon, Beckham, Taya, Amy, and Michael

Happy Christmas Eve!!!

All Dressed Up!

New Christmas outfits!  Super cute and all dressed up!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Christmas Party at Grandpa Jim & Grandma Susan's

 We had a great party at Grandma Susan and Grandpa Jim's house!

 All the kiddos waiting for presents!  (I love Dillon's face...he doesn't have much patience) :)
 Woo hoo a Marshmallow Gun!!!
 Cutie patooties Taya and Kylie
 Taya with some of her loot.  Hello Kitty necklace and Snow White shoes!
 Yes!  Legos!!!  (love the way the sun is striping his face)
Michael with his favorite cereal.  At our house we don't call it Cinnamon Toast Crunch, we call it Daddy's Kind.  :)
 Here I am with Milk's favorite cookie (and mine)!
Here's Beckham with all his loot!  (He was asleep while the initial party was going on so he got to open all by himself later)

What a great party!!!  Thanks for all the great stuff!!!