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Friday, October 26, 2012

Beckham's 1st Birthday

On October 5 Beckham turned 1!!!
Holy cow it's pretty amazing how fast time seems to fly...
Here is his pile o' presents!

he loves balloons
and the toy the balloon is attached to
Oooh yummy...a delicious tag!

here's the kiddos checking out all the loot

Hooray!  A motorcycle he can either push or ride!  And it plays awesome rock n roll tunes!

Beckham had his own little cake.  Everyone else got cupcakes!

(he looks kinda tired)

Time to blow out the candle!  (notice who's really blowing it out)  :)

First he was sad. 
then he touched it...
then he picked up a hunk of it...
decided this might be fun...
Hooray this is fun!
I love cake!!!

All cleaned up and ready to cruise!

Happy Birthday to Beckham! 
Other than this motorcycle he got some little people super heroes, some cars, a little people bus and some other fun toys!  He also got some super cute clothes!  Thanks so much to everyone who came to celebrate with us!  We love you! 
We are so happy to have Beckham in our family.  He is such a sweet little guy and he makes us smile!  We love you Beckham!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Taya's 4th Birthday Bash!

On Sept. 29 Taya celebrated her 4th birthday!!!!
She really wanted a Strawberry Shortcake party
Here's the birthday girl!

Big Bro and birthday girl!

Love this pic of the kiddos!

Holy moly look at this pile o' gifts...

She got lots of wonderful presents including a bunch of dress up stuff (tutus, slippers, wings, and snow white dress).  She also got squinkies and a princess cupcake game.  She did get a few boring things like clothes (although I don't think clothes are boring at all and I love all the clothes she got!) and socks.  She was very happy about all her gifts!

Time for cake!!!!

Happy Birthday dear Taya, Happy birthday to you!!!!

We sure love our little princess!  She has a lot of spunk and can be quite the diva, she is also a sweetie pie and we are so happy to have her in our family!  She is a lot of fun! 
We love you Taya!!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Update #2...

So I realized after my previous update post I still had a few summer events I forgot to add.  So here is update #2...
Around the 24th of July we had a visit from Grandpa Randy so we did some fun stuff...
We went to Willow Park Zoo...always fun!
We also went to the Hyde Park Days parade and carnival

Beckham just chillin in the stroller with his muscle shirt!
We also went to Lagoon a couple times in August!!!

Taya, Miley, and Mikaela soaring into outer space

Bumper cars

Cruisin' with cousins!

Dillon blastin' off into outer space

Sailing away

On the train...chugga chugga choo choo!!!

Swimming at Lagoon a Beach

Dillon on the carousel  (crazy swan about bucked him off!)  :)

Taya on the zebra

and Beckham really liked the tiny bear!  Wee haw!

We finally convinced Dillon to go on the giant Ferris Wheel
Also this summer we were able to witness Brad's first solo helicopter flight!
He is gonna be a pilot so we got to see his first flight (pretty neat)
Dillon thought it was super cool!

Hooray for Uncle Brad!!!

I got to go on a fabulous "Girls Weekend"!  We went to SLC and had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.  Then we headed to see the show "Wicked".  We spent the night at a hotel and spent the next day shopping til we dropped!  :)
Here we are all gussied up to head out!  It was so much fun and the show was AWESOME!!!
My BFF from high school wrote a book!  I got to go to her launch party and get a book signed!

Awesome!  Celebrity moment!!!
Well that's it for our summer festivities!  Good times were had by all!