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Friday, November 26, 2010

First Thanksgiving!

We had our very first Thanksgiving at our house!
We have always been with extended family for the holiday
and have never had much involvement with the prep for the
meal! We cooked our first turkey and all the fixins! It was
a lot of fun!

Here is our table set with all the trimmings! Dillon and
Taya decorated turkey placemats with markers and

I posted the menu for all to start salivating in
anticipation of what was to come!

Dillon and I made these cute turkey name tags
to mark who sat where!

Our friends Jennifer and Michael Shields came to share in the
feast (they also brought some yummy fixins). And also Mike's
good friend Mikah came over as well!

We had a great Thanksgiving! I really enjoyed the prep
and adding all the little things that make it a special day!
Thanks so much to our friends for coming to share it with
us! We missed being with family but it was definately a
memorable day! Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Las Vegas!!!

We took a little family getaway to the fabulous Las Vegas over
this past weekend. Ron and Janet (aka Grandpa and Grandma)
were down in Vegas for a conference. We spent a few days
having a blast!

Taya and Mike watching the water show at the Bellagio.
The stuff on the water is fog but it kinda looks like fire.

Dillon had so much fun! He loves all the attention he gets
from Grandpa and Grandma!

Here's the fam enjoying the show!

Jaymie and Henslee were with us too. Kaytie and Paul
and their little guy Dean joined us later.

Dillon got to meet his favorite thing in the world
right now...Transformers! This guy is Bumblebee
he transforms into a Camaro. Dillon was so excited
to see him he couldn't stop smiling!

We drove up to Hoover Dam to walk across the new
bridge. (We already drove over it to get to Vegas) It
is a huge bridge. We have watched it being built over the
last 2 years during out travels to and from Utah. Now that
it is complete the drive time is significantly reduced. So

Sooo high!

Taya was there too...strapped in the stroller!

We wandered around a new part of the Las Vegas
strip called City Center. It was pretty cool.

Dillon loved the huge pumpkins they had on display
in one of the shopping malls.

I don't know what this is but something super cool.
A tornado of water in a tube thingy!

We of course went to Circus Circus and played in the

Taya doesn't look too excited here but she really had
lots of fun!

We had a really great trip! Las Vegas is one of our most
favorite places to go. So many fun and exciting things to
see and do! It was so nice to see family and spend some time

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Festivities-Saturday and Sunday!

On Saturday night we went to another party at
Jaymie and Jesse's church. There was another
trunk-or-treat so the kids got double candy! Hooray!

Here's just another pic of the kids in their costumes.

And another of me and Taya.

We had lots of fun at the party. There were balloons (always a
hit with the kids), some carnival games, pumpkin carving contest
(Jesse's pumpkin won 1st prize!), yummy food and of course the

Jesse, Jaymie, and Henslee. Such a cute family of cows!

Henslee is by far the cutest cow I have ever seen!

Taya and her daddy!
Sunday evening Jesse, Jaymie and Henslee came over
to our house for a little party. We ate a delicious
Jack-o-lantern pizza (courtesy of Papa Murphy's), Mike
made his famous ghoulishous sausage dip with chips, and
for dessert some ooglie eyeballs (brownie balls dipped in white
chocolate). We had fun!