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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dillon is pleased to announce...

I don't like to post without a picture and this one just cracks me up!

Biggest brother Dillon is very pleased to announce that our new baby is going to be a...


(Big sister Taya is excited too she just doesn't really get it) :)

Yep, we found out today we are expecting a baby boy! We are super excited!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We love to swim!

Mike finished up his finals last week! Hooray...2 years down...1 to go! We went over to Jaymie and Jesse's house to swim in their pool yesterday!

Henslee and Taya in their cute matching suits! Henslee had hers first and I couldn't resist so I got one for Taya. :)

Taya loves to swim! She can't get enough!

Dillon was being a "worker" and watering stuff!

Look at that face!

So much fun! So much fun! We are going to miss Jaymie and Jesse and their little fam so much while we are gone! Thanks guys for all the fun! :)

Final Soccer Game and Big News!!!

Here's a few pics from Dillon's final soccer game of the Spring Season!

We cannot got to a game without getting at least one pic of Taya!

Dillon has made such awesome improvement. He goes after the ball and he dribbles down the field. He's gotten a bit more aggressive...he's been so fun to watch!

I love this just looks like he is walking with a purpose.

Here's our little soccer man! He has really enjoyed playing and is kinda bummed he's all done.

So you might be wondering what the big news is. Well...we are temporarily moving to Utah for the summer! Mike got a paid internship with a Law Firm in Layton Utah so we are gonna pack some stuff and head on up. We will be staying with my parents in Syracuse until August. We are super excited for this opportunity for Mike and we will very much enjoy spending time with our families in Utah!

Utah here we come! :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Soccer, Soccer, and more Soccer!

So far I have only posted Dillon's first soccer game of the Spring season. Now we are almost done so here are the pics from the last 5 games.

Game 2 got rained out so no pics.

Game 3 I forgot the camera so no pics of that either although we did have Grandpa Ron and Grandma Janet cheering Dillon on!

Game 4

He dribbled clear down the field!

Miss Taya

Coach and Dillon, ready for action!

Game 5

She insisted on wearing her hat. (which was good because it was really hot and sunny)

Game 6

Running shot

Action shot

Playing goalie

Nice save!

Good kick!

It is so much fun watching Dillon play!

Fun with Cousins!

In the middle of April we had lots of company! Grandpa Ron and Grandma Janet along with Mike's sister Janelle and her kids, Mike's bro Kirk and his wife Shaughnessy and their cute little boy Ryon, also Mike's sister Kaytie and her cute little boy Dean. Everyone came to welcome their newest cousin baby Nixon!

Let's go swimming!




Miley and Ryon

Taya and mommy

Miley and Taya

We went to eat at Chick-Fil-A. Sooo yummy!

Bathing Beauties

Sweet little Mikaela just needed a nap.


We had so much fun with the fam! It was so great to see everyone!

Better Late than Never...Easter Festivities!

I finally got around to taking the time to post some stuff. So please enjoy the next 3 posts as an update to what has been going on with us lately...

I got together with some of my friends and we had a craft day. We made these cute little easter baskets. I was pretty proud of my accomplishment!

Grandpa Ron and Grandma Janet were here to celebrate with us. Taya is opening her basket from them.

She got a rain jacket!

She loves it...very pink! We won't lose her in a rainstorm!

Dillon got some fun stuff too including a monster truck cement mixer from Cars.

Let's color some eggs...

Silly Face!

Dillon's creation

Taya's creation

We love our Easter Eggs!

Here's what the Easter Bunny left for the kids.

Gathering Eggs...

Look how many eggs we got!

Taya with her new purple dress!

Happy Easter!