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Sunday, February 26, 2012

No More Training Wheels!!!!

Take a good look at this picture and you will notice that there aren't any training wheels on Dillon's bike!

Yes he has mastered it! I am one proud mama! It took him all of a couple of hours! You can tell by the looks of that tiny bike that he needs a bigger one, but I was determined he wouldn't get a bigger bike until he could ride without training wheels. So one day I took them off and let him have at it.
This pic makes me laugh every time I look at it! Here he is in action! We went to a nearby housing development that only has roads and no houses so he could cruise around freely.
Of course miss Taya was there too. She has made some excellent improvements to her bike riding as well. She goes pretty fast and no longer gets stuck! She can also ride, sing, and ring her little hello kitty bell all at the same time! So dang cute!
I am so proud of Dillon! I can't believe how quickly he figured it out and all on his own! So glad he is still on that tiny bike! You might chuckle cuz he's kinda a giant on it but it worked like a charm!
So much fun just ridin' bikes!

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all! We had a great celebration!

We started our celebration on the 13th so we could party with the kids cuz Mike and I were going out on the 14th. Dillon helped me cut out hearts and we decorated the table. We enjoyed a delicious heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's!
We then enjoyed heart shaped brownies with frosting and sprinkles!
On Valentine's Day, Mike surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of roses! (I am so angry at myself cuz I didn't get a pic grrr...) Anyways... they were beautiful and I loved them! That night Mike took me to an awesome restaurant in downtown Phoenix called The Compass. It's on the top of a tall building and the whole thing slowly rotates as you eat! It was sooo fun and pretty darn romantic! The food was delicious too, we got to try some new foods to expand our tastes. All in all it was a great day! I love you Michael, you're the best! :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Michael's Birthday!

We had tons of fun on Mike's birthday! We went to Cracker Jax (you might remember it was the same place we went on Dillon's birthday). Such a fun place! The weather was fabulous and we had a blast!

Riding the Bumper Boats
Such a great pic of Beckham just chillin in the stroller
Dillon drove the little go karts and then it was Daddy's turn to ride the big go karts!
Geared up and ready to race
1st place!
After Cracker Jax we headed over to Jaymie and Jesse's house to drop off the kiddos so we could go out to dinner. We went to Claim Jumper to eat and it was super delicious! We ended the great day with cake back at Jaymie and Jesse's house! Thanks guys for celebrating with us! We love you!

4 months old...

Beckham is now 4 months! Goodness he is growing fast!
Beckham's Stats: Height: 25 in. (30th. %)
Weight: 16 lbs. 12 oz. (80th %)
He is such a sweet little guy, very chill and kinda drooly! :)
Taya 3 yrs old. Super spunky, sassy, and of course cute!
Dillon 5 yrs old. Funny, smart, and full of energy!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Beckham's Blessing Day!

One of the main reasons why we decided to head up to Utah after Christmas was Beckham's Blessing. We wanted our family members to be able to witness his blessing.

Here's Beckham before we headed to the church. He is wearing the same outfit that Mike wore on his blessing day! (sooo cute!)
Here are some pics of our awesome families who came to support us on Beckham's special day!
Brad and Kristi
Grandma Susan and Great Grandma Woodcox. (Grandpa Jim was there too I just didn't get a pic)
Scott, Jennie and their cute kiddos

3 beautiful cousins
Kirk, Shaughnessy and their cute guy, And Great Grandma Packer
Mark and Hallie
Cutie patootie Mikaela (Mike and Janelle were there too I just didn't get a pic)
Grandma Janet and Grandpa Ron
Miss Taya. We served super delicious cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk. Thanks so much to Grandma Janet for making that possible! Yummy!
Proud Mommy
Proud little fam
Proud parents
Cute little guy! Grandma Susan made him this adorable blanket for his special day! (It matches his room) Thanks so much!
Beckham James Bingham
Blessed on Sat. December 31, 2011
We sure love this sweet little guy! He is such a wonderful addition to our family!
Thanks so much to all who came to be with us. We sure love you!.

Trip to Utah...

A few days after Christmas we took off and headed up to Utah for a little trip!
We rang in the new year at Grandpa Ron and Grandma Janet's house.

Taya blowing a noisy little blower!

Mike and Dillon hanging out waiting to yell "Happy New Year!"
Beckham and Mommy just chillin
Beckham and his cousin Brielle. (She is 4 months older than him.)
While we were in Utah we took pictures with the Great Grandmas who live around there...
Great Grandma Bingham
Great Grandma Packer
Great Grandma Woodcox
We took a little side trip to Park City. (We always try to go there to eat at the super delicious Baja Cantina!)
The kids were super excited to see some snow!
We went and spent an evening at my sister Kristi and her hubby Brad's house!
We sure had fun playing the XBox Kinect. Dillon and Taya had a blast! Thanks for the fun time guys!
Taya and her cute cousin Ellie
Dillon and his cute cousin Hallie
Silly Face!!!
We had a great trip thanks so much to everyone! We love you!!!

Let's Play Catch-up!!!

Okay so I know it's way after the fact but this is a good way to journal so I'm gonna post it anyway! Time for a little catch up...

Hooray Christmas time! We love to see Christmas Lights so of course we went to the Mesa Temple grounds to check out the lights!

Michael and Taya


Those camels in the back are the best part!
We were very lucky and happy to have Grandpa Randy here to celebrate with us.
Here's Beckham all snuggled up.
It's a tradition for us to make something on Christmas Eve so this year we made creations out of graham crackers, frosting, and cereal pieces for decorations.
Dillon and Mike made a Truck, a Car, and a Double Decker Bus!
I made a little house with a car port.
Grandpa Randy made a groovy little house complete with a beautifully landscaped front yard.
And this is Taya's creation...(she mostly enjoyed eating the frosting!)
After the creations we went to a movie...We saw Alvin and the Chipmonks Chipwrecked. It was super fun!
Later it was time for the traditional opening of the Christmas PJ's!
I love this pic of Taya...she was so excited to see the princesses.
Grandpa Randy got some with palm trees on them to remind him of his wonderful Christmas in Phoenix!
Mike got some super comfy PJ pants.
Dillon got Transformer pj pants.
Beautiful princess nightgown for Taya.
Beckham got some super cute Santa pj's.
I got some too but I didn't get a pic. They are super cute and comfy black, gray, and white plaid.
Hooray Christmas Morning!!!!
Dillon and his pile o' presents.
Dillon got quite a few different Legos sets!
Taya really wanted an umbrella (or as she calls it a "sumbrella")
Taya also really wanted a princess scooter (or as she calls it a "skateboard")
She was in need of a helmet to go with her bike and now her scooter. The helmet also came with a horn for her bike (or as she calls it a "corn")
What she wanted for christmas was a skateboard, a sumbrella, a helmet and a corn. Haha...silly girl!
Dillon got a Transformers skateboard.
Dillon with some of his loot!
Taya with some of her loot!
Here I am excited! I got a laptop! Hooray! I have wanted one for a while and Mike surprised me. I had no idea!
For those of you who don't know Michael is pretty addicted to chapstick and his favorite kind is Natural Ice Cherry. It's pretty hard to come by in this area so I gave him a huge supply. 48 tubes of chapstick! He is set!
Taya in her beautiful new Christmas Dress!
Dillon, Beckham, and Taya in their Christmas Sunday best! The primary kids sang a song in the church program...we were so proud they both did an awesome job!
We had a wonderful Christmas! We were so happy to have Grandpa Randy here with us! Thanks so much for all the fun! We love you! To the rest of our families...we missed you and we love you!