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Monday, December 6, 2010

Phoenix Fiesta of Lights Parade!

Friday night we went to the Phoenix Fiesta of Lights Parade!
It was a lot of fun. We weren't exactly sure where to park
and where we would sit so we had quite a walk to get there.
But it was worth it! There was tons of people! Next year we
will have to scout out a good spot ahead of time and make it
a party!

Dillon loved it!

Taya loved it too! There were marching bands, a bunch of
big balloons (like the giant snowman), Tons of vehicles
covered in Christmas lights!

Dillon liked this one...a big camper trailer covered in lights.
Sheriff Joe Arapaio was on one of the floats. He's pretty
controversial around here. It was cool to finally see him in
person, we've seen him on the news a bunch. He got a lot
of "cheers" and a lot of "booooos" pretty interesting!

He really loved this one...A TRAIN, A TRAIN!!!

Dillon and Taya, such cute kidlets! We had a great time!
We are going to make it a tradition! Christmas lights are so
much fun to look at and a great way to feel some Christmas