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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

August 15th Mike and I celebrated our 8th Anniversary!
Wow 8 years I can hardly believe it!

(We actually celebrated on Sat. the 14th because
of the 15th being Sunday and all.) Mike had just
returned home from a week long backpacking trip
so we just threw a celebration together real quick.
Jaymie and Jesse came over to watch our kids (thank
you sooo much!) and we went out for the evening.
We went to dinner at a place call Native New Yorker
we had never been there before. It was really good.
I had chicken alfredo pasta and Mike had a calzone.
Then we went to the theater and saw Inception. It was
a pretty good show but it really made you think! On our
way home we stopped at Jack in the Box and got some
chocolate shakes. We took them to our house and shared
with Jaymie and Jesse. It was a quickly thrown together
anniversary celebration but it was fun to be together just
the two of us! I love you Mike!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer Trip to Utah!

We went up to Utah for two weeks for our
Summer Vacation! We had tons of fun and spent
lots of good time with our families.

First we went to Logan and spent some time
with Grandpa Randy. We went to a park and the kids
played while we chatted.

Dillon action shot on the slide!

Hallie and Dillon had so much fun digging in the dirt.

Taya just chillin with Daddy!

Taya, Dillon, Hallie, and Kylee. Such cute kids!

I love this pic of Dillon and Hallie winking! So funny!

Later we went to Mark and Nicole's house and the kids
played in the backyard with a sprinkler!

Taya loved it! We had a great time.
We traveled to Syracuse Utah for the Annual Hill/Hurd
Family Reunion. We had tons of fun chit chatting, golfing,
swimming, playing games and just being together.

Taya is ready for a hole in one!

Grandma Susan with Dillon, Hallie, and Taya on the
Golf Cart. "Please Grandma one more ride?!"

Dillon lined up all the cars and trucks for a picture.

Dillon and Hallie sat down to watch a movie. (Dillon
looks a bit tired.)...

...And he's out! haha So much fun wears the little guy

Dillon taking Taya for a ride.

We all went golfing! The guys went out first and the
girls went later. It was super fun! I forgot how much
I like to golf!

We went swimming to the Roy Aquatic Center. Dillon
loves to swim.

Taya gets a piggy back ride from Daddy!
Too soon the Reunion was over. We had a blast!
It was so great to see everyone and spend time together!
We headed back up to Logan to spend a few days with
Grandma Janet and Grandpa Ron.

Taya with her cousins Miley and Mikaela.

Dillon and his cousin Alexia. (Nice pic)

One night Dillon got to go on a Campout with Grandpa
Ron and Daddy. (They camped in the backyard down
in the trees.)

Dillon was sooo excited! He picked out the spot for the
tent, trimmed some of the tree that was in the way, helped
clear the ground and helped set it up. He was loving every
second of it!

Before bed they played some flashlight games: Scary
faces and shadow puppets!

Daddy and Dillon. They didn't get a ton of sleep but
Dillon had so much fun!

We went and ate at Training Table. (We cannot
go to Utah and not eat there!) Taya was wearing
the menu as a hat and singing the ABC's! It was
super funny!

This is what Dillon was doing. He was so worn
out from all the fun he totally fell asleep on
Grandpa's lap!

We went back to Syracuse for a couple more days.
We ended up going to Hogle Zoo with Mark, Nicole,
and Grandma Susan.

Here's all the kids climbing on the Tiger Statues.

I love this pic! The Giraffe was one of the favorites.

Ah yes, the traditional Lion Drinking Fountain pic.

I love this picture. The Rhinos have always been Dillon's

Here we are on the train. (Dillon cannot go to the zoo
and not ride the train!)

Ah yes, the traditional "are you as big as a gorilla" pic!

The kids had tons of fun at the playground! Oh no,
Dillon's being eaten by a crocodile! (the crocodiles are
also one of his favorites!)
We had an awesome summer trip! It was so great to see
everyone! Thanks so much for all the fun!
On our drive home we spent the night in Las Vegas.
We always have so much fun in Vegas!

Dillon with the M&M Race Car.

We went to the Circus Circus and played in the amusement
park! Dillon got to ride in a blue airplane! (Blue is his favorite

Taya got to ride the Carousel. (Dillon chose for her
to ride the blue horse because once again, blue is his
favorite color!) : )

Here we are chillin on a bench after a fun evening in
Las Vegas! Always a blast!