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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Beckham is 2 months old!

Well our little man is now 2 months old. Kinda crazy how quick the time goes!

He is such a sweet little guy!
Beckham had his 2 month check up on Monday.
Here are his stats:
11 lbs. 14 oz. (46th percentile)
24 inches long (92nd percentile)
Those cute little chubby cheeks of his make him look bigger than he really is.

He is just growing like crazy and we are enjoying every minute of him!
We love you little guy!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kid at Hope Day!

Last week at Dillon's school they had Kids at Hope Day! The school has a program called Kids at Hope which basically is encouraging all the kids to establish goals and dreams and strive to reach them. All the parents stood on either side of the sidewalk creating a "tunnel of hope" for the kids to walk through!
Dillon proudly waving to his adoring fans! (Mom, Taya, and Beckham). There was an assembly in the new gym where they sang some songs and showed a little movie with some of the students talking about their goals.

We went to his classroom and saw some of his artwork. This is Dillon's guy he drew to look like what he wants to be when he grows up...a policeman!

More artwork...his is the orange and blue one...his favorite colors!

We stopped to play at the playground for a few mins. so Dillon could show us where he has recess. What a fun day! Dillon is doing well in school I am amazed at how quick he is learning! We sure love him!

"I am a kid at hope. I am talented and smart and capable of success. I have dreams for the future and climb to reach these goals and dreams every day. All kids are capable of success, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!"

That is the motto they recite it along with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

1 Month

Beckham had his 1 month check up yesterday.

Weight: 10 lbs. 6 oz.

Height: 22 in.

Everything looks good!

He is growing so fast it's crazy! He's such a cute little guy, we love him so much!

Monday, November 7, 2011


Halloween Costumes!

We had a little party on Halloween night with Jesse and Jaymie and fam! Henslee, cute bumblebee. Dillon, Optimus Prime. Beckham, policeman. Taya, Tinkerbell. And Nixon, baseball player!

Best buddies!

I believe in Fairies!

Cute kids! We went trick-or-treating around their neighborhood and had some delicious grub and yummy treats! Thanks you guys!

Here's my little policeman. Yeah, this is the best pic I got...just pretend he's yelling at the bad guys! :)

Boo at the Zoo!

For some more Halloween fun we went to the Phoenix Zoo! It was a great time cuz it was Boo at the Zoo...which meant for some fun things to see and do!

The elephant came out and found some carrots that had been hidden.

The animals got to have a pumpkin "stomp and chomp". The bear was our favorite!

The Orangutan came right over to say hello!

Dillon's favorite...the Rhino!

And of course the Carousel ride!

We sure had fun! The kids also got to walk through a maze and get a prize at the end!


Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Festivities...

For some Halloween fun we went to Mother Nature's Farm and Pumpkin Patch. We went here last year and it was a lot of fun so we decided to go again!

We had Grandpa Jim and Grandma Susan here with us for a week to help with baby Beckham and also just to visit and have fun!

Decorating his pumpkin

Decorating her pumpkin

Eating crackers and sporting her new Halloween socks!

Farmer Dillon

Farm hand Taya

How tall are we?

Beckham enjoyed himself just snoozin!

Lots of fun!

Here's the ladies! (FYI...I don't normally hang blankets down my front but Beckham is under there. :) )

After the Pumpkin Patch we went back to our house where Grandma Susan had a little Halloween party planned for us! We decorated Skeleton cupcakes, made some fun crafts and wore halloween socks!

Pretty spooky!

We each made a Jack-o-Lantern face and the kids made puppets.

We had a great day! Thanks for all the fun!

Dillon lost a tooth!

Hooray! Dillon lost his first tooth! He was so excited for the tooth fairy to pay him a visit. What did she bring him you ask? Well he would have been perfectly content with 1 shiny coin. (In the Berenstain Bears sister bear gets a shiny new dime) But the tooth fairy thought that would be just a smidge stingy so she left him 4 shiny quarters! He was super excited!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Photo shoot

I took a few pics when Beckham turned 2 weeks!!!

Super cute brothers!

Love this one...he looks like such a little man!

My boys!


At Christmas last year Mike's parents announced a trip to Disneyland sometime this year! Hooray! After months of counting down the days we finally went on our trip in September.
We spent 3 crazy super fun days at Disneyland, the Happiest Place on Earth!

We got to California with enough time to head to the beach

We went to Huntington Beach which was about 20 mins from our hotel.

The kids had a blast!

When we got to our hotel that evening we did some swimming at the pool!

Taya and Miley

Taya is ready to go in her Rapunzel dress. She was so excited to wear it and be a princess!

Toy Story 2 ride we needed 3D glasses.

One of the favorites...King Triton's Carousel

Trevyn, Dillon, and Jacob.

Cinderella Miley and Rapunzel Taya...awww aren't they cute?!

Another one of Taya's favorites...the teacups

Jesse, Henslee, Miley and Taya

Mike, Mikaela, Trevyn, Jennie, and Brielle

Another spin on the teacups

Taya was very brave and went on the giant Ferris Wheel. Lucky Grandma was there to hold her tight!

Beautiful Girlie girls...Kenzie, Lexi, and Kaylee

We were in the Abraham Lincoln place and Mike ran across the awesome Bruce Lee!

Taya ready for another day at Disneyland!

Here's Dillon ready for the Parade!

Dillon loved Autopia!

Taya and Mommy

Playing in Toon Town at Goofy's boat

3D Glasses for Toy Story 2

The only Character pic Taya got was Minnie Mouse. After the pic she got to go in Minnie's house and explore. She loved it and could have been there all day!

Smelling the roses

She is her father's daughter. All she wanted for lunch was a churro! She munched the whole thing!

Playing in Toon Town at Chip and Dale's tree house!

I didn't get nearly as many pics of Dillon because he and Mike were separated from Taya and I quite a bit...but some of Dillon's favorites were Star Tours, Grizzly Rapids, and Finding Nemo!

We had such a great trip! It was so much fun to see the fam and spend some time together! Thanks so much Ron and Janet for such a wonderful trip! We love you all!