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Friday, April 23, 2010

Fun Filled Weekend With Family!

Mike's brother Scott, his wife Jennie and their kids
Kaylee, Kenzie, Connor, Bryson, and Trevyn all came
down this way for a little vacation. It was so great to see
them and we had tons of fun!

We went to a place in downtown Phoenix called
Enchanted Island. It is a small amusement park
for kids. It was so much fun!

This is a little Dragon Roller Coaster. Dillon did not enjoy
the ride at all. When the other kids wanted to go again
he said "well I liked it, but I don't want to go again".

Dillon and Connor on the airplanes.

Taya, Kenzie, Trevyn, and Kaylee on the space ship.
Taya had so much fun she loved riding and turning the
steering wheel.

There was also a little splash pad area for the kids to cool
off and get wet. Taya didn't really enjoy it so much.

Dillon on the other hand loved it! He was immediately
soaked. This kid loves water!

Dillon, Connor, Kaylee and Kenzie sitting on a bench
drying off and enjoying a tasty treat!

Taya loved the rides! I couldn't believe she could go
by herself. She's getting so big!

Even I went on a ride or two. (Kaylee is by me and
Jennie and Kenzie are on the left.)

On Monday we went to the Phoenix Zoo. We went
down to the farm spot where there were some tractors
to play on and a petting zoo for the kids.

Dillon loved sitting on the tractors!

Taya had fun just running around!

One of the best attractions was the spot where they
were building a new something. Bryson and Dillon
loved watching the digger and dump truck.

Dillon's favorite animals at the Zoo are the Rhinos.

Here are some monkeys playing in the trees!

Dillon was so proud he climbed the tree all by himself.
We had a lot of fun with Scott, Jennie and fam. We hope
to see them again soon.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter!

Dillon had a lot of fun coloring the eggs. It took a long time
because he kept lifting the eggs up to see if they were done.
Taya really wanted to help but that would have been way too

So Taya got to watch and eat snacks (who doesn't love snacks!)

After the eggs were all dry we put little stickers on them.
Dillon loved that! Taya also got to put some on, she
was pretty good at it.

This is Dillon's favorite egg. You can't tell but there
is magic writing on it that says his name. (What a
cheesy grin)

Saturday we went to our Ward Easter party. There
was an egg hunt and hot dogs and chips for lunch.

Dillon is all ready to go find some eggs!

Taya in action. She was really good at gathering
the eggs and putting them in her bucket.

Dillon in action. He searched high and low for the
best eggs!

Taya immediately sat down to start chowing candy!

Easter morning the kids woke up to their buckets filled
with an outfit, a toy, and some candy. Then they looked
outside and the Easter bunny had left a bunch of eggs
hidden for them to gather!

Dillon was so excited to see all the eggs outside.
He yelled "there are thousands of them!"

Taya had a little baby doll in her easter basket so
she couldn't decide how to gather eggs and still cling
to her baby!

She ended up getting a few eggs.

Dillon got a whole bucket full!
It sure was fun!
Since we weren't going to church because of
Conference, the Easter bunny decided to bring
a play outfit instead of a dressy outfit.

Here's Dillon in his super studly new outfit!

Taya in her super cute outfit!
Happy Easter!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Grandpa Randy!

Grandpa Randy (my dad) came to visit! He flew in from Cheyenne Wyoming.
He was able to stay and play for a few days. We had lots of fun!
Mostly we played outside enjoying the weather and chatted.
We also went out to eat a few times and did a little shopping.

We went to the Wildlife World Zoo. It was a lot of fun. We saw tons
of animals and had a great time!

There was a skyride that went over a whole bunch of animals.
It was really cool. Dillon loved it!

We also went on a train ride around and saw a bunch of animals.
Dillon loved that as well!

There was a little petting zoo. Taya enjoyed touching some
of the animals. The goat was trying to eat grandpa's watch.

Dillon sort of liked being in there with the animals but
he wanted Mike to hold him the whole time. (Notice that
I am taking pictures from outside the fence.) :)

We all went in to touch the turtles.

Yes, even I will get in with the turtles. (they are super slow
so I could definately get away fast!) :)
We had a good visit with Grandpa Randy. It was good to
have him come to our house and see our new stomping grounds.
We were sad to see him go but we had lots of fun!
We love you Grandpa!