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Friday, May 18, 2012

Beckham's First Tooth! 7 Months

 Beckham cut his first tooth! Hooray!  His bottom right front tooth!
 What a cute little guy!  He kinda likes to to make this silly face!
There it is!  Hooray for teeth!
Sure love this baby!

The REAL Game 6!!!

So sorry about that last post...I posted pics from game 5 again but with the commentary from game 6.  So here it is again...the real game 6!

 Game 6 was a fun one!  We played the same team we played for the first game.  They destroyed us!  (Their name was "the Destroyers"!)  The coach was kinda a drill sargeant and the parents weren't very nice either.  Our team has improved a ton and this game we really gave the Destroyers a run for their money...(they were scared).  They thought they would have an easy game but nope!
 Dillon played awesome!  He is so fun to watch!
 He got a couple scrapes and bruises this game but he's tough!
 Go Dillon!
 Taya was so hot she just laid down in between the chairs in the shade.
Dillon was pretty beat by the end of the game!  It was super hot but tons of fun!
Go Scorpions!  Go Dillon!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Game 6

Game 6 was a fun one!  We played the same team we played in game 1.  We didn't do so well the first game and the team pretty much destroyed us.  (The name of the team was the "Destroyers".)  The coach was a drill sargeant and the parents weren't very nice either.  They came into it thinking they would destroy us again, little did they know our team had improved by leaps and bounds.  We gave them a run for their money and they were scared!  It was so much fun to watch! 

 Dillon going after it!
 Nice turn around!
 Go Dillon!
 I love this one!  He is so ready to get the ball.
Here's our cute little spectators! 
Sooo much fun!!!  

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Last weekend we took a quick trip up to Sedona.  It is about 2 hours away from us.  It was a fun little adventure. 
 We found a great little park to play for awhile. 
 The weather was fantastic and the kids had a blast!
 For those of you who know Utah...Sedona is the "Park City" of Arizona.  It is a major tourist city  with tons of little shops and fun things to look at along main street. 
 There are statues of Javelinas all along the street painted and dressed up differently.  (A javelina is a wild pig).  This was Taya's favorite obviously cuz they are bright pink!
 Beautiful views of the mountains.  Tons of hiking trails, scenic helicopter rides and jeep tours.
We walked around a little bit and had some ice cream for a treat.  Beckham rode along in the stroller and enjoyed the ride!  He was really enjoying his toy!

Game 5

 Game 5 was awesome!  Dillon played amazing!

 Action shot...headed straight for the ball!

 Dribbling down the field
 Ready on defense!
Super cute spectators!
Go Dillon!