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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Princess Dress!

Hooray! Taya is Potty Trained!

The deal was when Taya filled up her sticker chart she got to go get a princess dress from the store!

She filled up the chart and chose the purple Rapunzel dress from Tangled!

It took her about 3 days and she is now fully potty trained and loves her dress very much!

I love the fact that it was super easy and pretty much mess free!

Hooray for Taya! We love you!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten!

Dillon started Kindergarten on August 8, 2011!

Here he is my studly little man!

Backpack on and ready to go! (His backpack is Transformers)

He went right in and found his desk and was ready to go!

See ya later dude! He's ready to learn to get some knowledge! I then headed off to the "boo hoo" breakfast. The PTA provided breakfast for all the kinder moms. I can't believe my little man is going to school!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer in Utah!

Mike got an internship with a law firm in Layton Utah so we spent all summer up there hanging out with family and having tons of fun!

Memorial Day...yep that is snow on the ground!
Brrr kinda cold!

At one of the movie theatres they were showing some kids shows for super cheap. We had fun watching some of our favorites on the big screen (Megamind and Despicable Me). Dillon needed a pic with the giant Optimus Prime.

We went to Syracuse Heritage Days and saw the Parade and Fireworks!
Dillon is excited cuz he just saw the Parade coming!

Woo hoo! Let's get some candy!


Dillon got to sit on this biker dude's was really cool!

Silly kids waiting for the Fireworks to start

We love Fireworks!

We took Dillon and Taya to see Cars 2 the day it came out!

We had a great time!



We went with cousins to the Treehouse Children's Museum.

Firetruck Driver Taya

Cowgirl Taya...Yee Haw!

I tried to get a good pic of the kids with the cow but they weren't too cooperative. They sure are cute though!

Dr. Taya taking care of the babies

Drummer man Dillon (I didn't get many pics of him because he was too fast for me and kept bouncing from one thing to the next. He sure had fun though!)

Fireman Dillon

We went to the Cache Valley Cruise In to see the car parade.

Hallie, Dillon and Taya waiting for it to start

What a lovely group of spectators! (I am in the pic too because you can see my shadow)

Here's the rest of the group

Miss Taya

On the 4th of July we went to Shady Acres with the Packer fam (Mike's grandma)

Taya had so much fun on this jungle gym

She is such a little monkey!

Traditional lemon custard ice cream cones!

Dillon had so much fun roaming around with cousins and getting dirty

Yep...covered in dirt!

The Girls...Kaytie, Amy, Jaymie, Shaughnessy, and Janelle

Waiting for Fireworks!

On Father's Day we had a get together at my parents' house in Syracuse!

Happy Father's Day!

Jim, Brad (my sister Kristi's fiance), Mark (my bro), and Mike

Mike with his gift. It's the coolest game called Ladderball!

We went to the Hyde Park Days Parade and Fireworks with Grandpa Randy!

Dillon is ready for it to start

Taya got tons of candy!

We spent a weekend at Bear Lake with the Bingham fam!

Mike and Taya on the wave runner. Taya had sooo much fun!

Cute matching shirts!

I didn't get very many pictures but we had tons of fun playing in the sand, going on the boat, playing horseshoes, eating lots of food, pinatas, and just being with family!

Taya got a new bike and sort of mastered it over the summer!

We went to Idaho with the Hill fam (my parents)!

We stopped at a river to feed the fish some bread. The seagulls ended up eating way more than the fish did. But it was fun!

Our little fam

Dillon and Hallie

Kylee and Taya

We went to Yellowstone National Park

We saw some Elk!

We saw Old Faithful Geyser!

We saw some Buffalo!

The kids rode a bear! We actually saw a bear but it was pretty far away and the kids couldn't see it.

We saw a Waterfall!

We had lots of fun! We stayed at a RV Park/Bed and Breakfast so we did some camp fires, played games, the kids did crafts, the kids rode their bikes and played with sticks! It was a great time!

Dillon clomped around in Grandpa Jim's shoes

Hi ya! Karate Kick!

Taya had a cupcake with bright pink frosting so she decided to "paint" her nails.

She actually ended up painting her whole arm!

Oh what fun!

She also thought she should wear her shorts on her head...silly hat!

We had so much fun this summer! It was a great opportunity for Mike as far and the future is concerned but we also got to spend tons of time with family and had such a great time! Right before we left my sister Kristi got married! I am so distraught that I did not have my camera so I didn't get any pictures of any of it :( but it was fabulous and we are so excited for her and Brad! It was sad to leave after such a great summer and we miss everyone! Thanks for all the good times!

Oh...I do have one pic of Taya outside the Temple at Kristi and Brad's wedding courtesy of Grandpa Randy. (If anyone wants to send me any pics I would greatly appreciate it!) :)