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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Christmas Party at Grandpa Jim & Grandma Susan's

 We had a great party at Grandma Susan and Grandpa Jim's house!

 All the kiddos waiting for presents!  (I love Dillon's face...he doesn't have much patience) :)
 Woo hoo a Marshmallow Gun!!!
 Cutie patooties Taya and Kylie
 Taya with some of her loot.  Hello Kitty necklace and Snow White shoes!
 Yes!  Legos!!!  (love the way the sun is striping his face)
Michael with his favorite cereal.  At our house we don't call it Cinnamon Toast Crunch, we call it Daddy's Kind.  :)
 Here I am with Milk's favorite cookie (and mine)!
Here's Beckham with all his loot!  (He was asleep while the initial party was going on so he got to open all by himself later)

What a great party!!!  Thanks for all the great stuff!!!

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