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Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Dillon!

Holy Cow Dillon turned 4!!!!

We were lucky enough to be up in Utah for Dillon's birthday. He got to have 2 parties and spend time with Grandpa Ron and Grandma Janet and Grandpa Jim and Grandma Susan. He also got to do a lot of fun playing with all of his cousins!

Dillon wanted a Construction Site on his cake. He helped put everything on including the work signs and sprinkling all the dirt.

Make a wish!!!

Dillon got lots of wonderful gifts! Thanks so much to everyone!
We had a great trip, it was so nice to see all our families and spend some time.
We love you all!

On the drive home we had to get a pic of the kids in their super cool shades!

Taya borrowed some of mine! Haha so cute!


  1. Holy cow time is going so fast, already 4!!! Happy Birthday Dillon. It looks like he had a great birthday!! I am glad you guys got to see all of your family and had a safe trip!!

  2. I'm so glad we got to celebrate Dillon's birthday with him. Wow, he is such a handsome little man. We wish we could have spent more time with you too. We'll just have to plan a trip to visit soon. Miss and love you all.

  3. haha These two crack me up! What a handsome little devil, we were glad you guys were up here too! And we can't wait to see you again tomorrow! ;) We're definitely looking forward to getting out of Cache Valley Tundra for a little while! Love you all!