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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter!

Dillon had a lot of fun coloring the eggs. It took a long time
because he kept lifting the eggs up to see if they were done.
Taya really wanted to help but that would have been way too

So Taya got to watch and eat snacks (who doesn't love snacks!)

After the eggs were all dry we put little stickers on them.
Dillon loved that! Taya also got to put some on, she
was pretty good at it.

This is Dillon's favorite egg. You can't tell but there
is magic writing on it that says his name. (What a
cheesy grin)

Saturday we went to our Ward Easter party. There
was an egg hunt and hot dogs and chips for lunch.

Dillon is all ready to go find some eggs!

Taya in action. She was really good at gathering
the eggs and putting them in her bucket.

Dillon in action. He searched high and low for the
best eggs!

Taya immediately sat down to start chowing candy!

Easter morning the kids woke up to their buckets filled
with an outfit, a toy, and some candy. Then they looked
outside and the Easter bunny had left a bunch of eggs
hidden for them to gather!

Dillon was so excited to see all the eggs outside.
He yelled "there are thousands of them!"

Taya had a little baby doll in her easter basket so
she couldn't decide how to gather eggs and still cling
to her baby!

She ended up getting a few eggs.

Dillon got a whole bucket full!
It sure was fun!
Since we weren't going to church because of
Conference, the Easter bunny decided to bring
a play outfit instead of a dressy outfit.

Here's Dillon in his super studly new outfit!

Taya in her super cute outfit!
Happy Easter!!!


  1. How fun and warm. They look so cute in their outfits. I am loving Dillon's hair and Taya's is getting long too. I am glad you had a fun Easter! Love you guys!

  2. your kids are so cute. I hope that you are enjoying the warm weather? it is snowing up here.

  3. I found your blog from FB--so cute!

  4. oh and our blog is:

  5. Such cute pictures!:) I still can't believe your dark hair! I LOVE it! Your kids are adorable by the way. Miss you!