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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

August 15th Mike and I celebrated our 8th Anniversary!
Wow 8 years I can hardly believe it!

(We actually celebrated on Sat. the 14th because
of the 15th being Sunday and all.) Mike had just
returned home from a week long backpacking trip
so we just threw a celebration together real quick.
Jaymie and Jesse came over to watch our kids (thank
you sooo much!) and we went out for the evening.
We went to dinner at a place call Native New Yorker
we had never been there before. It was really good.
I had chicken alfredo pasta and Mike had a calzone.
Then we went to the theater and saw Inception. It was
a pretty good show but it really made you think! On our
way home we stopped at Jack in the Box and got some
chocolate shakes. We took them to our house and shared
with Jaymie and Jesse. It was a quickly thrown together
anniversary celebration but it was fun to be together just
the two of us! I love you Mike!


  1. Happy Anniversary to you guys! Totally forgot that yours was so close to ours. I love how you guys through it together, makes me feel better that others don't have to put a lot of money and thought into doing something so simple as being together for the evening. It sounds like a fun night and I am glad you guys had a blast! Love you guys!

  2. I misspelled something oops *threw* is what I ment ha ha

  3. Happy Anniversary! Time flies! Congrats to eight years!! Even though it was a quick was worth celebrating.

  4. Happy late anniversary! Seriously, I'm so out of the loop lately. :)