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Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Festivities...

For some Halloween fun we went to Mother Nature's Farm and Pumpkin Patch. We went here last year and it was a lot of fun so we decided to go again!

We had Grandpa Jim and Grandma Susan here with us for a week to help with baby Beckham and also just to visit and have fun!

Decorating his pumpkin

Decorating her pumpkin

Eating crackers and sporting her new Halloween socks!

Farmer Dillon

Farm hand Taya

How tall are we?

Beckham enjoyed himself just snoozin!

Lots of fun!

Here's the ladies! (FYI...I don't normally hang blankets down my front but Beckham is under there. :) )

After the Pumpkin Patch we went back to our house where Grandma Susan had a little Halloween party planned for us! We decorated Skeleton cupcakes, made some fun crafts and wore halloween socks!

Pretty spooky!

We each made a Jack-o-Lantern face and the kids made puppets.

We had a great day! Thanks for all the fun!

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  1. Oh so fun and I love their costumes! Darling!! That is so nice for your mom and Jim to come and help with that adorable baby of yours. Love all the posts and keeping up on you guys! Miss you and love ya!