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Monday, April 16, 2012


Yep the Easter bunny found us again this year! Dillon and Taya were both pretty excited to see what they had in their baskets.

Taya got a couple of wedding princesses complete with matching prince.

Dillon got the lego star wars he was hoping for!
Taya was so happy with the pretty wedding dresses!
The easter bunny always leaves eggs all over the place!
Here's Dillon's basket.
Taya's basket.
The easter bunny didn't want to fill ALL the eggs with candy because that is just way too much. So this year some of the eggs were filled with a couple coins. (Good thing the easter bunny's vehicle had some change in it!) :)
Who can resist this cute little easter bunny?!
Here's Beckham with his basket of loot...pj's!!!
So after we got home from church I tried to get some pics of the kids. I tried to get them all matchy matching outfits. They each looked super cute but to get a good pic of all three, hah! not possible. So this is the best one.
I thought this one was pretty cute even though neither are looking at the camera.
Taya was super excited to color the eggs. She helped me get everything ready and pretty much did all of them herself, saving one for each of the rest of us.
These are her two favorites! Yes, these are the same silly face eggs we got last year but she picked them out and I really like that it comes with the little cups to put the coloring in.
The rest of us got to do one, so I had to get a pic!
I was very proud of Taya's hair so I had to take a pic!
We had a great Easter! Pretty laid back, just being together! We hope everyone had a great day as well! HAPPY EASTER!


  1. Cute cute pictures!! Glad you guys had a good Easter :) And we can't wait to get you up our way!! ;) Love you all!

  2. Love all the new posts!! We miss you guys a ton. Can't wait to see ya in a few weeks. ps Taya's hair is amazing at Easter. Your really need to teach me some hair skills :) Love ya