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Saturday, May 5, 2012


Last weekend we took a quick trip up to Sedona.  It is about 2 hours away from us.  It was a fun little adventure. 
 We found a great little park to play for awhile. 
 The weather was fantastic and the kids had a blast!
 For those of you who know Utah...Sedona is the "Park City" of Arizona.  It is a major tourist city  with tons of little shops and fun things to look at along main street. 
 There are statues of Javelinas all along the street painted and dressed up differently.  (A javelina is a wild pig).  This was Taya's favorite obviously cuz they are bright pink!
 Beautiful views of the mountains.  Tons of hiking trails, scenic helicopter rides and jeep tours.
We walked around a little bit and had some ice cream for a treat.  Beckham rode along in the stroller and enjoyed the ride!  He was really enjoying his toy!

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  1. Love all the new pics. We are missing you guys like crazy. Good luck with the move in the next few weeks.I know your not looking forward to it. But we are :) :) We can't wait to see you.