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Monday, June 4, 2012

Game 8

Final game of the season!

 Here he is ready to play!
 Action shot dribbling down the field.
 Running back after scoring a goal!!!!
 Get that ball!
 Action shot
 Running back after scoring another goal!!!!
Spectators!  So much fun to have Grandma Susan and Grandpa Jim there to watch!
 Can't resist taking a pic of this cute guy!
 Dillon dribbled all the way down the field and made the perfect pass to his teammate who then scored a goal!
Dillon scored another goal earning himself a hat trick!  Hooray Dillon!  He is very proud he scored 5 goals this season and 1 awesome assist!  We have loved watching Dillon play.  He is turning into quite a good soccer player.  He loves it and says he wants to play soccer his whole life!

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