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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


We had lots of fun this Halloween!  On the Saturday before we went the the Heritage Farm for their fun Halloween festival. 
There was a climbing net thingy on a bunch of hay bales.  Miley and Taya loved it!
Dillon got up there as well although he was a bit nervous.

A giant slide all the way down the hill!!!
Sooo fun!  Mike even took Beckham down!  I think he had fun!

Dillon LOVED it!!!  He probably went down and came back up a hundred times!
Taya liked it too

Awwww what a cute pic!
There was also a train ride, a corn maze, and pony rides (Taya rode, Dillon did not)!
It was a ton of fun!  When the time came the kids didn't want to go this was the only way to get them to the car:

That evening we headed to Syracuse for a costume party!

Dillon, Hallie, and Kaylee
Taya, Ellie, and Kylee
Grandma Susan had a bunch of super fun halloween craft things to make and a way fun "Cauldron Hunt"!!!  The kiddos loved it!
Beckham saying "aaargh"
Thanks so much for the fun party it was Great!!!
On Halloween we went to Dillon's school to see their costume parade:

Here he is giving us a little wave!  It was fun, Taya loved seeing all the different costumes.

Halloween night:  Dillon as a Pirate
I just really like this pic
Beckham was also a Pirate.  (Side note:  he is standing on his own but not walking yet.)  :)
Pirate brothers!

Miss Taya was Snow White
It was fun to spray her hair and she loved the red lipstick!  Kissy face!
What a princess!
We went trick or treating through our neighborhood with a bunch of friends.  The kids had tons of fun and got way way way too much candy! 

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