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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Michael!!!

Happy Birthday to my hubby! Yesterday was Mike's birthday. We had a great day! We drove to Mesa to go to lunch at Costa Vida (super delicious)! Then we went home and played in the backyard with the kids. That evening Jesse, Jaymie and Henslee came over and we ate barbeque ribs fresh off the grill and some delicious cake! It was a good day.

Mike got a new shaver and some new shirts. Dillon gave him a couple cars so they could play together.

Dillon was convinced that his daddy wanted a monster truck cake for his birthday. He got to help put the trucks on and sprinkle the "dirt".

Michael is a wonderful husband. I love him so much. We have been through a lot together and he has always been right by my side making everything okay. He is so funny and is always making me laugh. He knows how to look at things in a positive way and bring out the best in a situation. He is such a hard worker. When he puts his mind to something he will get it no matter how difficult it is. He is a wonderful support to me and I admire him for his dedication to work hard for our family.
Michael is a wonderful father. Dillon and Taya love him so much. He is always playing with them and making them laugh. He is so much fun to be around and he is always making us smile. We are so thankful and happy to have him in our lives and we love him so much!

Happy Birthday Michael/Daddy!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Mike! I love that Dillon wrapped up his cars and gave them to Mike. How cute is that!

  2. I didn't know Caden and Mike's birthday were the same day! (Actually, I think I did know that a long time ago...) It looks like he had a great birthday.:)

  3. Happy Birthday Mike!! Sure looks like he had a great day! Dillon is so funny!! I couldn't help but laugh that he wanted to wrap cars for him and make a truck cake. It is so Dillon. Mike I love your little pose with your gifts, whose idea!! LOL he he Can't wait to see you guys again. Love ya!!

  4. Happy Birthday! We happened upon your blog from Jesse & Jaymie's. We missed you at the Baby Shower last night! We hope you are doing well!
    Heather (& Russell)

  5. Amy. How are you? It has been forever since I have talked to you. you have two very cute kids, and I love there names. (taya is one of my favorite girl names) How is law school going? I hope things are going good. It is so good to see your cute family. hope to talk to you soon.