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Monday, January 18, 2010

Trip to Utah!

After Christmas we took a little trip up to Utah to spend some time with our families. We had so much fun and it was great to see everyone!

Taya and Dillon with some presents.

We went to lunch with Grandpa Randy and Brittany and Kaylee. It was super delicious and it was good to see him even though it was a quick visit.

Super cute girl cousins with matching PJ's
(Alexia, Miley, Kaylee, Taya and Mackenzie)

Dillon with his super cool shades and a Lightning McQueen fishing pole!

Taya and Dillon with some presents!

Taya feeding her baby (oh that is so precious!)

Taya and her cousins Kylee and Ellie.

Dillon and his cousin Hallie.

We tried so hard to get a picture of all the cousins. It didn't go so well but at least they are all in the picture! (Ellie, Taya, Dillon, Kylee, Hallie, and Kaylee) They are all so dang cute!



  1. Cute pictures of all the cousins and stuff. Looks like it was a good trip!

  2. SO SO cute!!!! I am so glad you posted : ) I was so jealous of your trip home, it looked like a ton of fun. I do have to admit though after I saw the picture of Mike out shoveling the snow I wasn't so jealous any more : ) : ) We need to get together !!

  3. I LOVE Taya's eyes! They are gorgeous! It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. I love seeing pictures of your cute fam.:) Love your dark hair by the way.;)

  4. Hey Amy! I love looking at all your pictures! Your family is SOOO darling. Your kids are too cute. Especially that little Taya, I cannot get enough of her! You all look well, and I hope AZ is treating you well too! Bryce emailed you back through facebook . . . wasn't sure if you got it or not yet, but we are going to AZ in two weeks and would love to see ya'll. My blog is We miss you all,

    PS- your hair looks great darker!