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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cow Appreciation Day!

July 9 is Cow Appreciation Day. A holiday declared
by Chick-fil-A. If you dress up like a cow you get a free
meal. How awesome is that because I happen to love
Chick-fil-A! So we dressed the kids up and went for lunch!

You can't really see Dillon's ears but they are
stuck to his hat.

They had fun! Mike and I opted out of dressing
up because we are chicken. (haha get it?)
Anyways, needless to say we had a delicious lunch!
Happy Cow Appreciation Day!


  1. I laughed so hard at this post. I think its funny you dressed the kids up but didn't do it yourself. Dean and I can't wait to see you all this week.

  2. What Cow Appreciation Day? I had no clue, how do people come up with this stuff. It looks like you had fun though and the kids look awesome dressed up. I don't blame you guys not dressing up, but it would have been really funny! Love it!!

  3. I love it! Your kids probably did too! I would do the same for a free meal....

  4. Your kids are adorable, not to mention good sports! My son would have ripped the spots off after 3 and a half seconds.

  5. Probably the coolest picture I have ever seen :) They are so stinking cute! Your 4th of July pics were awesome. You got a ton of really cute pics of the fam :)

  6. Oh my gosh! You are so freaking cute! Seriously, cutest idea ever!