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Saturday, July 3, 2010

July 4th Festivities!

Our July 4th Festivities began on July 2. We went to
the theater and saw Toy Story 3 in the morning. (The previous
post documented that experience.)

Friday evening we went to the Maryvale Baseball Park
in Phoenix to see some fireworks.

Here is Dillon in front of the field.

There were a few games set up for the kids to play. Here
Dillon is tossing food to the bears.

This is an action shot. (Notice the flying chicken leg!)
What an arm!

Next they went into a bouncy house. I couldn't get a very
good pic of Dillon because he was having too much fun
jumping around. Taya wanted to try. She got just inside the
door and then stayed there and let the kids bounce her.
She did have fun even though this pic makes her look distraught.

The last game was a baseball game. Dillon did awesome!
He was hitting that ball like crazy!

For the Fireworks Show we sat in the stadium seats.
These are just a couple of really cute pics of Taya while
we were waiting.
The Fireworks show was pretty awesome and both
kids really enjoyed it! Super Fun!

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