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Saturday, September 11, 2010


Here's an update on a couple of things...
Over Labor Day weekend we went for a little drive
to see the Arizona Supreme Court (where Mike works
for now doing his externship). Across the street from the
Supreme Court is the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum.
We walked over to check it out. It was closed but there was
a couple of cool things outside to see.

This giant mural on the back side of the building. Wow
that is super awesome! (Mike, Dillon, and Taya are standing
on the right by the truck.)

Here's a close up just chillin with the workers!

A giant bucket that once was attached to a huge
excavator. Did I mention huge!!!

There was a small mining train on the track so
of course Dillon was lovin life!

A giant wheel that once belonged to a mammoth
dump truck like the one in the mural! It was pretty
cool to see, we'll have to go back some time when it's
Dillon started Preschool last week. He is loving it!
Yes, I took the traditional first day of school pic!

What a cheeser! He must be excited!

Taya needed to get a picture too because it was
her first day taking Dillon to preschool!


  1. So fun to see those huge neat things!! I could only imagine how excited Dillon was! Yeah for preschool I am sure he had loads of fun!! He looks so cute in his first day of school picture! Oh and Taya is darling, now she has mommy all to herself! He he

  2. How come the people in the mural are so much bigger than you too? : ) Sounds like some fun stuff! Yay for preschool! Such a stud! We heard about his girlfriend... haha He seriously cracks me up! We love you and miss you all!

  3. That wheel is HUGE. I'm trying to picture the machine it was attached to and it scares me a little bit. It makes for a cool picture though.

    My Brother in law is studying Law at the same university as your husband. Does he know Steve Umpleby?