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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Festivities-Saturday and Sunday!

On Saturday night we went to another party at
Jaymie and Jesse's church. There was another
trunk-or-treat so the kids got double candy! Hooray!

Here's just another pic of the kids in their costumes.

And another of me and Taya.

We had lots of fun at the party. There were balloons (always a
hit with the kids), some carnival games, pumpkin carving contest
(Jesse's pumpkin won 1st prize!), yummy food and of course the

Jesse, Jaymie, and Henslee. Such a cute family of cows!

Henslee is by far the cutest cow I have ever seen!

Taya and her daddy!
Sunday evening Jesse, Jaymie and Henslee came over
to our house for a little party. We ate a delicious
Jack-o-lantern pizza (courtesy of Papa Murphy's), Mike
made his famous ghoulishous sausage dip with chips, and
for dessert some ooglie eyeballs (brownie balls dipped in white
chocolate). We had fun!


  1. We love your family pics! Jaymie's look darling too! We'd love to invite you to our blog: shoot me your email at
    Russ & Heath

  2. I love your family picture up top! And I never told you how cute your costumes turned out. Fun fun! Tell everyone hi for us! We love you guys!