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Friday, November 26, 2010

First Thanksgiving!

We had our very first Thanksgiving at our house!
We have always been with extended family for the holiday
and have never had much involvement with the prep for the
meal! We cooked our first turkey and all the fixins! It was
a lot of fun!

Here is our table set with all the trimmings! Dillon and
Taya decorated turkey placemats with markers and

I posted the menu for all to start salivating in
anticipation of what was to come!

Dillon and I made these cute turkey name tags
to mark who sat where!

Our friends Jennifer and Michael Shields came to share in the
feast (they also brought some yummy fixins). And also Mike's
good friend Mikah came over as well!

We had a great Thanksgiving! I really enjoyed the prep
and adding all the little things that make it a special day!
Thanks so much to our friends for coming to share it with
us! We missed being with family but it was definately a
memorable day! Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! :) I love the new layout of you blog, by the way. Cute!

  2. Best food ever! Thank you for making it a wonderful holiday!