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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dillon Soccer Winter Season 2011 it's been a little while since my last post. Dillon is now
one game away from the end of the winter season of Soccer. I have
footage from all the games so here is a recap of the last 6 games.

Game 2

Action shot...running!

Taya enjoying the halftime snack!

What a grin...this kid loves to be outside!

Game 3

Action shot...running!

Kick off!

And don't forget Taya was there too!
Game 4

Action shot...running!

Not sure...getting ready to jump?!

Not sure...playing a shooting game on the side?!


Game 5

Action shot...running for the ball!

Kick off!

Great game Dillon!

Game 6

We took a team pic and some individual pics. I got
this one with my camera but you can see the professional
ones at

Dillon playing goalie...kinda boring.

yep...kinda boring!

And here is Taya 'foofing' a dandelion!

I don't have any footage from Game 7. It was super windy and cold.
We barely got through the game and it started to rain. Dust was blowing
everywhere so I didn't bust out the camera.
Here is just a few videos from the games and from warm ups right
before the games.

I accidentally put 2 of the same videos on here so just disregard
one of them below.


  1. Game 7 was the funnest game I have ever been too. It is so funny watching this age play soccer and Dillon has some natural talent.

  2. super super cute! Dillon you're such an awesome soccer player! And Taya you're a cutie patootie! :) We love you guys!! We hope your knee is doing well Mike! Happy recovery to ya!