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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Soccer Game...

Dillon had his first soccer game on Saturday!
It was so much fun! His team is called The Scorpions
(yeah, very fitting for us in AZ, I know).

The uniforms are super cool looking!

All the kids got their first names on the back.

Here's an action shot of him running. He is really fast.
He did really well, the team only had one practice and it
got cut short because it started to hail! (yeah hail in AZ,
go figure!)

Oh, did I mention Mike is the coach!? Yep, he volunteered
to be the coach for the team. He's really excited about it and
I think he'll do awesome! Here's him in action, doing some

Dillon got to do a throw-in. (The ball went out of
bounds so he got to throw it in.) Awesome action shot.
Taya and I had so much fun watching! He'll have practice
on Friday afternoons and a game on Saturday for the next 7 weeks.
I'm excited to see the progress he makes!
Go Dillon!

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  1. cute! oh man, I would love to go to one of his games! You're awesome Dillon! Good luck at your games! :)