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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Phoenix Zoo with Grandpa Randy!

Grandpa Randy spent the weekend with us! He had a conference
in Phoenix during the week and then spent the weekend with us!
(Yes, this is still old news, this was in Feb.) But still we had a great time!
Dillon has been begging to go to the Zoo for weeks so we thought this
would be a great time to go!

At the Petting Zoo:

Dillon is just like his mother...scared of animals. (I told Mike
that it's his job to make sure Dillon gets over this because, as
you can see, I am no where near the animals.) :)

Taya on the other hand isn't quite as nervous. She just gets
more nervous because she sees Dillon being scared.

I love this pic because it just shows how nervous he is.

He's branching out...

Taya found a brush so she is good.

Love this one! Here's my brave boy!

All was well unless the goat started to move!
Oh well, it's all fun!

Taya just wasn't sure!

Here we are with one of Dillon's and my favorite animal. (One
that isn't alive!)


Okay this pic is hilarious but the story is: I asked Taya what
her favorite animal is and she said "pink one". So I had to get
a pic with her and the flamingos. Yes, those are flamingos back by
the wall. :)

Dillon's favorite is always the Rhino.

Taya on the Carousel.

Dillon on the Carousel.
We had a great visit with Grandpa Randy. We also went out
to eat and played a bunch! Thanks for the great time! We love

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