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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dillon's Final Soccer Game

Dillon played his final soccer game of the Winter
season last week! He is actually going to play again
in the Spring season so stay tuned!

Here he is ready to go!

Not sure what they are doing here...

Action shot...running!

Action shot...kick!

Almost scored a goal!

Hooray!!! Grandma Janet was able to come cheer him on!

Here's the group of spectators...Coach (Mike) was on the sideline
because he just had knee surgery the day before! (All is well, he had
some miniscus cleaned out and the recovery has been pretty easy.)

Refueling after the game.

Taya needed a drink as well.
We had so much fun watching Dillon play and learn and progress
we look forward to another great season!
Go Dillon!


  1. So cute! I have some major blog catching up to do. I saw your mom at the library the other day. Unfortunately, my kids were out of control and I had a pile of books I was trying to check out, so I couldn't talk to her very long! I probably looked like a crazy!! It was good to see her though!

  2. I love it! Soccer is so fun to watch! That is so awesome that Mike was the coach. What a good Dad! Seeing those pictures of Taya in a tank top....made me really jealous! Hopefully there will be more soccer seasons to come! Way to go Dillon!