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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Soccer, Soccer, and more Soccer!

So far I have only posted Dillon's first soccer game of the Spring season. Now we are almost done so here are the pics from the last 5 games.

Game 2 got rained out so no pics.

Game 3 I forgot the camera so no pics of that either although we did have Grandpa Ron and Grandma Janet cheering Dillon on!

Game 4

He dribbled clear down the field!

Miss Taya

Coach and Dillon, ready for action!

Game 5

She insisted on wearing her hat. (which was good because it was really hot and sunny)

Game 6

Running shot

Action shot

Playing goalie

Nice save!

Good kick!

It is so much fun watching Dillon play!


  1. Cute pictures! You are officially a soccer mom! :)

  2. Wow go Dillon. You guys have been busy busy! Love all the posts. Looks like you had a great Easter and those baskets turned out so cute. Those two are getting so big and Taya is changing so much. Can't wait to see you guys this summer and hang out.

  3. First things first: your easter baskets turned out so cute!! What a fun Easter! thanks again for the swimming pictures too :) Dillon you're getting so good at soccer!! I hope we can watch one of your games sometime!! We love you all!