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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Final Soccer Game and Big News!!!

Here's a few pics from Dillon's final soccer game of the Spring Season!

We cannot got to a game without getting at least one pic of Taya!

Dillon has made such awesome improvement. He goes after the ball and he dribbles down the field. He's gotten a bit more aggressive...he's been so fun to watch!

I love this just looks like he is walking with a purpose.

Here's our little soccer man! He has really enjoyed playing and is kinda bummed he's all done.

So you might be wondering what the big news is. Well...we are temporarily moving to Utah for the summer! Mike got a paid internship with a Law Firm in Layton Utah so we are gonna pack some stuff and head on up. We will be staying with my parents in Syracuse until August. We are super excited for this opportunity for Mike and we will very much enjoy spending time with our families in Utah!

Utah here we come! :)


  1. Congrats Mike! We are so excited for you. I love the pictures of Dillon's red face. You can tell he has been playing hard.

  2. Congrats to Mike!! WE have to get together!! :D