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Monday, March 26, 2012

Dillon's Birthday!

Holy Moly Dillon turned 6!!! He decided he wanted a Lego Star Wars theme for his big day! First off I took cupcakes to school for him to pass out to his class. After school he chose to eat at Taco Bell for lunch!

After lunch we headed home to get ready for his friend's to come over.

(Lego Star Wars)
As soon as all the friends arrived we decorated some star wars masks.
Here's Taya's (it's C3PO)
After masks it was time for Presents!!!
He got all sorts of great gifts from everyone! Thanks so much!
Suddenly a message arrived from Jedi Master Yoda. It sent the young jedi knights on a scavenger hunt to find their missing light sabers. Once the light sabers were found the jedi knights took them outside to destroy the evil powers of the Dark Side..........
Attack the Dark Side!!!
Jedi Taya fighting her opponent (the balloon) :)
Destroy the last one!!!
Back inside for cupcakes!
Happy Birthday to Jedi Dillon!
Before the kids went home they went back out to battle with Jedi Master Mike.
After his friends went home, we headed to Barro's Pizza for dinner! Then back to our house for presents!
Dillon got a few different sets of legos, a couple new books, and a Cars 2 car.
And an awesome sleeping bag from Grandpa Ron
He just had to try it out!
Taya had to try it too!
Now for the big's a new bike!!!!!
Birthday brownies to finish off the day!
Our awesome party guests
Blowing out the candles
Mommy and Dillon
Here's Dillon's new bike! Much better size for him. He hopped right on and had no problem riding it! (I was worried it might take him a bit to get used to the size) Nope, he was cruisin up and down the street!
Happy Birthday Dillon! We love you so much!

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  1. cute cute cute! What a fun party! And an awesome bike!!! We sure can't wait to see more of you guys this summer!