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Sunday, February 26, 2012

No More Training Wheels!!!!

Take a good look at this picture and you will notice that there aren't any training wheels on Dillon's bike!

Yes he has mastered it! I am one proud mama! It took him all of a couple of hours! You can tell by the looks of that tiny bike that he needs a bigger one, but I was determined he wouldn't get a bigger bike until he could ride without training wheels. So one day I took them off and let him have at it.
This pic makes me laugh every time I look at it! Here he is in action! We went to a nearby housing development that only has roads and no houses so he could cruise around freely.
Of course miss Taya was there too. She has made some excellent improvements to her bike riding as well. She goes pretty fast and no longer gets stuck! She can also ride, sing, and ring her little hello kitty bell all at the same time! So dang cute!
I am so proud of Dillon! I can't believe how quickly he figured it out and all on his own! So glad he is still on that tiny bike! You might chuckle cuz he's kinda a giant on it but it worked like a charm!
So much fun just ridin' bikes!

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  1. Way to go Dillon! You're so awesome! Ryon's loving looking at all the pics of Dillon and Taya riding bikes! :) We love you guys!