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Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Festivities-Thursday...

If you carve pumpkins here in AZ they will be wilted and
mush in no time so this year we decided to decorate our
pumpkins with stickers.

Dillon chose monster truck and race car stickers.

Mike had a bunch of different sports balls for his stickers.
(chosen by Dillon)

I chose ladybugs.

Taya chose my little pony and some other cute
animal stickers.

Here are the finished pumpkins! (Super cute, easy, fun, and
my favorite: mess free!)

After decorating our pumpkins we headed to Brooke's Pumpkin
Patch at Mother Nature's Farm. There was all sorts of fun stuff
for the kids...

Alexander's Adventure Maze!

Which way do we go? (notice Taya in the back left just
wandering) :)

Heading for the exit!

Hooray! We made it through!

Taya crawling through a large cement pipe!

The kids got to choose their own pumpkin from
the pumpkin patch.

They also got to decorate them.

We got to go on a Hay Ride pulled by a tractor. Dillon
chose to sit right at the front to watch the tractor. It was
really fun.

On the way out the kids got to sit on a tractor. Of course,
Dillon was loving it!

It was a really fun place to go. We had a great time!
Happy Halloween!

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