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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Festivities-Friday

On Friday night we went to a Halloween Party at
our church. We had some dinner, the kids played a
few carnival games, and we ended the night getting tons
of candy from a "trunk-or-treat". We had a lot of fun!
Here are some pics of our costumes.

Dillon loves Transformers so he is Optimus Prime.
(The leader of the Autobots/the good guys.)

Here he is with his mask on. He picked his costume
out weeks ago and has been so excited to dress up!

Taya is a black kitty. (I went as a witch.) She has
been pretty excited. We ask her what she is going
to be and she says "kitty", then we ask her what she
is going to say and she yells "meow"!

Mike is dressed as Megatron (the leader of the
Decepticons/the bad guys). It was so much fun
for Dillon because they could battle!

Here we are: witch and black cat!

I didn't realize when we were taking these pics
I had the camera set on night snapshot so they
aren't the best. We are dressing up again so I
will hopefully get some better pics to post at a later
date! Happy Halloween!


  1. What a cute witch!! ;) Cute pictures, as always!! Miss you!

  2. What cute ideas! Great job and you all look great!

  3. I love that you and mike dressed up as well! What a cute idea to coordinate with each other!Happy Halloween!