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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Road Trip to Utah!

The kids and I took an almost 2 week trip to Utah.
(Mike couldn't come because that is just way too much time
for him to take off from school and his externship.) We sure
missed him but we had an awesome trip! Here is our travel
log with tons of pics!

On the drive there we stopped in Mesquite for lunch.
We got to hang out with Kaytie and Dean at a park.
Dillon took Dean for his first slide ride!

Taya loves to slide!

We then headed up to Logan to spend a few days with
Grandpa Ron and Grandma Janet. We also got to see
Kirk, Shaughnessy, and Ryon!

Here we are at The Old Grist Mill having lunch.

We all got huge sugar cookies with frosting. Yes, Taya
is loving it!

Ryon is enjoying his too. He is so stinkin cute!

We also got to spend a day with Mike and Janelle and their
cute family. We went to the Hill Air Force Base Airplane
Museum. The kids loved it!

Taya and Miley. They are 3 months apart in age.
Super cute!

Dillon and Taya had fun pulling each other around
the house in the lego wagon. Dillon's turn.

Taya's turn.

While we were there I became slightly addicted to building
legos. Here is my masterpiece...truck, trailor, and 3 race
cars. It took me forever but Dillon loved playing with it.

Hooray!!! My sister Kristi returned home from serving
a mission in Houston Texas! We all went to the airport
to welcome her home!

Here she is...isn't she gorgeous! Welcome home Kristi
so great to have you back!

We spent a few days with Grandma Susan and
Grandpa Jim. Dillon decided he wanted to be some
golf clubs and go for a ride.

Always a blast to ride on the golf cart!

Taya just posing for a pic. She looks so grown
up in this picture.

We went to Kevin, Brittany, and Kaylee's house to
hang with them and Grandpa Randy. Playing the
Wii is always fun!

Dillon played golf and bowling.

Kaylee wanted to play too. Mmm..tasty!
She is so super cute!
Too soon the fun was over and the time came for us to
pack up and make the 13 hour drive home. We had a
wonderful time with our families! Thanks so much for
all the fun! Welcome home Kristi!

So we are driving out in the middle of nowhere somewhere
in California and we get stopped by a train! A TRAIN !!!
I know can you believe it? We are seriously in the middle
of nowhere! I had to get a pic to document this event.

Here are the children. Yes, Dillon was super excited
about the train in the middle of nowhere!

So, the first train goes by, it was pretty slow by the way.
Then just as it was clearing the road another train was
coming in the opposite direction on the other track! Yes,
in the middle of nowhere not 1 but 2 TRAINS!
Wow, we sat there for about 10 minutes watching trains
go by. Yep, in the middle of nowhere! :)


  1. It looks like you had a ton of fun!! We miss you guys we really need to get together after everything calms down for you : )

  2. It was so good to see you and the kids. I can't wait to see you guys again. Take care and we love you guys!

  3. You and your trains! Ha ha! :) I wish we could have seen you!