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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Trip to Utah!

We went up to the frozen tundra of northern Utah for 2 weeks
over Christmas. We had tons of fun and went to a lot of Holiday
Parties. There are a ton of pics so let's just get right to it...

Here goes...

We went to a place called Hardware Ranch. It's up in the
canyon behind Mike's parents' house. It's a ranch where they feed
the Elk that come down during the winter.

We took a sleigh pulled by two big horses out to see the elk.
Grandma Janet (Mike's mom) and Shaughnessy and her sweet
baby Ryon came with us.

It was really cold but we had fun. The kids loved the sleigh
ride and looking at the elk.

There was a couple of really big elk so I tried to get a good
pic. We had fun...afterwards we went and had hot chocolate!

For Grandma Susan's (my mom) birthday we went bowling.

Here's an action shot of Dillon chucking the ball down the lane.

He had so much fun and he was very proud of himself!

Here's an action shot of Taya. She had tons of fun too!
Every time after she rolled the ball down she would do
a little dance and jump around until the pins went down.

Grandpa Randy (my dad) was in town while we were there
as well so this is us having a little holiday party with him at
Kevin, Brittany, and Kaylee's house.

My sister Kristi with a lovely present.

We got some great stuff, including a Scentsy candle warmer
and some delicious scents to go in it. I got it out yesterday
and I absolutely love it! Thanks Dad!

Here's Dillon and his cheesy grin. He got a couple of card
games and needed all the cards all over the floor!

Christmas Eve! The kids each got new PJ's and a
Pillow Pet! Dillon's is a blue dolphin.

Taya's is a puppy.

Here we are in our Christmas PJ's.

Taya loves her pillow pet!

Dillon is sporting his digger PJ's and Mike's new hat.

Such a cute pic of Dillon and Kristi!

It was extra special because we got to spend Christmas Eve
with Great Grandma Woodcox (my grandma). Such a cute
pic of her with the kids.

Christmas morning! Dillon got an awesome parking garage!

Taya got twin babies. Here she is hugging cute!

She also got a high chair and some food to feed her babies.

Dillon with some more toys.

The kids each got a special box for them to put whatever
special things in. I love this pic of Dillon just checking it

Christmas party with Grandpa Ron and Grandma Janet.
What a great fam!

Dillon just opening some presents.

Taya and her present.

Here's Dillon playing peek a boo and jumping out of a box!

For Grandpa Randy's birthday we went over to Mark
and Nicole's house and had some delicious cake!
Happy Birthday Dad!

Kid's love cake!

Just some pics of the party guests!
For New Year's Eve we were over at Mike's parents house.
Dillon almost made it until midnight but he just got too sleepy!

I had to get a pic of him celebrating the new year!

Taya stayed awake to wear these awesome glasses!

Happy New Year!!!

We had a Christmas party at my parents house. Here's the
kids before we opened the presents!

Sometimes you just get the perfect pic!

Dillon opening a present.
We had such a fun trip! We had so much fun and went too a ton
of family parties. It was great to see everyone and spend so much
time! Thanks so much for everything!

On the way home we stopped in the town of Beaver. There is a
gas station there with this giant rocking chair so the kids had
to get a pic.

We stayed the night in Las Vegas at the Circus Circus.
Here are the kids riding a little ride!

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  1. I am so glad you guys had fun. Oh boy lots of parties and cold weather. It was good to see you and I am glad you made it home safely. Oh and btw we went to that Elk farm too while we were in Logan. Ha ha funny. I didn't care much for it and neither did the kids. Hope to see you guys real soon.