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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Beckham's Blessing Day!

One of the main reasons why we decided to head up to Utah after Christmas was Beckham's Blessing. We wanted our family members to be able to witness his blessing.

Here's Beckham before we headed to the church. He is wearing the same outfit that Mike wore on his blessing day! (sooo cute!)
Here are some pics of our awesome families who came to support us on Beckham's special day!
Brad and Kristi
Grandma Susan and Great Grandma Woodcox. (Grandpa Jim was there too I just didn't get a pic)
Scott, Jennie and their cute kiddos

3 beautiful cousins
Kirk, Shaughnessy and their cute guy, And Great Grandma Packer
Mark and Hallie
Cutie patootie Mikaela (Mike and Janelle were there too I just didn't get a pic)
Grandma Janet and Grandpa Ron
Miss Taya. We served super delicious cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk. Thanks so much to Grandma Janet for making that possible! Yummy!
Proud Mommy
Proud little fam
Proud parents
Cute little guy! Grandma Susan made him this adorable blanket for his special day! (It matches his room) Thanks so much!
Beckham James Bingham
Blessed on Sat. December 31, 2011
We sure love this sweet little guy! He is such a wonderful addition to our family!
Thanks so much to all who came to be with us. We sure love you!.

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