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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Let's Play Catch-up!!!

Okay so I know it's way after the fact but this is a good way to journal so I'm gonna post it anyway! Time for a little catch up...

Hooray Christmas time! We love to see Christmas Lights so of course we went to the Mesa Temple grounds to check out the lights!

Michael and Taya


Those camels in the back are the best part!
We were very lucky and happy to have Grandpa Randy here to celebrate with us.
Here's Beckham all snuggled up.
It's a tradition for us to make something on Christmas Eve so this year we made creations out of graham crackers, frosting, and cereal pieces for decorations.
Dillon and Mike made a Truck, a Car, and a Double Decker Bus!
I made a little house with a car port.
Grandpa Randy made a groovy little house complete with a beautifully landscaped front yard.
And this is Taya's creation...(she mostly enjoyed eating the frosting!)
After the creations we went to a movie...We saw Alvin and the Chipmonks Chipwrecked. It was super fun!
Later it was time for the traditional opening of the Christmas PJ's!
I love this pic of Taya...she was so excited to see the princesses.
Grandpa Randy got some with palm trees on them to remind him of his wonderful Christmas in Phoenix!
Mike got some super comfy PJ pants.
Dillon got Transformer pj pants.
Beautiful princess nightgown for Taya.
Beckham got some super cute Santa pj's.
I got some too but I didn't get a pic. They are super cute and comfy black, gray, and white plaid.
Hooray Christmas Morning!!!!
Dillon and his pile o' presents.
Dillon got quite a few different Legos sets!
Taya really wanted an umbrella (or as she calls it a "sumbrella")
Taya also really wanted a princess scooter (or as she calls it a "skateboard")
She was in need of a helmet to go with her bike and now her scooter. The helmet also came with a horn for her bike (or as she calls it a "corn")
What she wanted for christmas was a skateboard, a sumbrella, a helmet and a corn. Haha...silly girl!
Dillon got a Transformers skateboard.
Dillon with some of his loot!
Taya with some of her loot!
Here I am excited! I got a laptop! Hooray! I have wanted one for a while and Mike surprised me. I had no idea!
For those of you who don't know Michael is pretty addicted to chapstick and his favorite kind is Natural Ice Cherry. It's pretty hard to come by in this area so I gave him a huge supply. 48 tubes of chapstick! He is set!
Taya in her beautiful new Christmas Dress!
Dillon, Beckham, and Taya in their Christmas Sunday best! The primary kids sang a song in the church program...we were so proud they both did an awesome job!
We had a wonderful Christmas! We were so happy to have Grandpa Randy here with us! Thanks so much for all the fun! We love you! To the rest of our families...we missed you and we love you!

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